Monday, 27 May, 2019
Ritika Chibber

Ritika Chibber

The new meaning of bold and sexy.
Bollywood had seen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s eyes, Bipasha’s body and Deepika Padokone long legs which have ruled over millions of hearts. And now here comes the Dhamaka of Dubai Ritika Chibber, she has all of their qualities in one. She has the killer looks and flamboyant body to beat all the actresses of Bollywood. She had that poise, stance, height, and the perfect body, the skin tone she looked exactly like a Hollywood Penelope Cruzor Indian beauty like Meena Kumari. Ritika will be seen flaunting her magic in the upcoming Bollywood movie. She is truly an actress with the combination of glamorous, sexy as well as cute.
Ritika Chibber said, “Every actress has their unique specialty I have mine. Being a girl from the heart of India I want to rule the Bollywood. So it has an open challenge to all Bollywood beauties here comes Ritika.”

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