Saturday, 18 January, 2020
“Find the Hackers” or Black Day

“Find the Hackers” or Black Day

The seductress Poonam Pandey’s fans are on a anger Mode.
48 hours after the sexy sirens website was hacked, apparently by pro-Pakistan elements, the cyber-crime cell is yet to locate the culprits.
In protest Poonam’s fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook have resorted to a black-coloured profile .
Says Poonam’s one die hard fan, `Until our Diva’s website hackers are apprehended we have asked all fans on Twitter and Facebook to adopt the black colour. Apparently Poonam’s picture display on her Twitter and Facebook account is also black. It’s our way protesting for the injustice done to us. Afer her website was hacked we were assured by the cyber-crime organization that the offenders would be caught in no time. 48 hours have passed and no sign of them. So until our Diva’s website hackers are brought to book we fans are adopting the black colour on the internet.`
Poonam says the timing of hacking has shaken her. `Whoever these people are, they’ve planned their mischief well. My website was hacked on the same day as the BCCI’s website.So the plan was to bring attention by hacking on Republic Day.`
Evidently a political signal was sent out to the country through the hacking..
Says Poonam, `Why my website on Republic Day and why was it hacked along with the BCCI’s website? Why is the cybercrime cell not seeing the seriousness of the situation? The culprits have gotten into my website. Next they could get me.`

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