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A Yogi is like a baby

yogi baby in bow pose

Babies are naturally little yogis. These little yogis have welcomed yogasana from the time they opened their eyes and let out a screech for milk. They have been doing their “baby yoga” so to speak in a very involuntary sense. We are somewhat hypnotized when we observe babies sleeping with their fat little fingers closed together, a closed thumb lying ... Read More »

Beauty with brains and talent


Sushmita has acquired rights to choosing India’s official entry for the Miss Universe, Miss Asia Pacific World and Miss Globe International pageants through her I AM She. Former beauty queen and actress Sushmita Sen has congratulated ‘I AM She’ candidate Parul Duggal for winning the first runner-up title at the Miss Globe International pageant in Cyprus. “We are so proud of you, ... Read More »

Let your feet do the talking


Let your feet do the talking with stylish, trendy, funky, healthy and green shoes. There is no longer a need to sacrifice style for comfort! What to look for when purchasing that special pair of shoes: Look at the shape of shoes Consider the fastenings Breathable linings, which allow perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe Fabric for comfort and ... Read More »

Understand your potatoes


Cooking with confidence Orange denotes Mondial, Fabula and BP13 potato cultivars, which are classified as waxy. These are great potatoes for baking, roasting and boiling, because they stay firm and keep their shape. They are also excellent in salads and create that South African marvel, ‘slap’ chips. They are not suitable for microwaving or mashing. Yellow is representative of BP1, ... Read More »

Are you secure enough as a Leader to empower others


The most effective way to lead a team is not to try to do everything yourself, clutching every morsel of power your position affords you. Rather, the best way to lead any team to greatness is to identify leaders on your team and invest time in building them up and making them into great leaders themselves. Give them responsibility, accountability, ... Read More »



Rashid is a singer of spiritual songs relating to faith and the upliftment of youth. He made his debut as a guest artist on the Album ‘Our World’ (2002) by Zain Bhikha, who is Rashid’s father. Rashid is most famous for his inspirational rap song ‘Drug Free’ as well as several hits from the album ‘Allah Knows’ which was released ... Read More »

Journey Into Light-By Shirley Bramwell (Psychic)


It is a fact—everyone and every family has lost someone through illness, accident, natural causes, or violence. Shirley of Durban tells her story and shares her experiences and those of her family and the people she helps. She loves to help people, and she explains in her book that there is life after death. Positive thoughts also help the departed ... Read More »

Nirdesh Bhikshu-Modern yet cultural at heart


1. Which town are you from? How long did you live there? I am from Pietermaritzburg in Kwazulu- Natal and lived there for 34 years. 2. Tell us about your siblings and parents. I am the fourth of five children. I have three sisters and one brother. My dad died at the tender age of 37, leaving my mum a ... Read More »

Why do people go to places of worship?


God is in all places, and we can pray to Him from anywhere; that is what we have been told all our lives, ever since childhood. But if that is the case, then why do we go to temples, mosques, and churches to worship or pray to the Lord in whom we believe? One might argue that there are certain ... Read More »

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