Monday, 20 January, 2020
The role of Karma

The role of Karma

Programming the Birth of a Child Astrologically.
Our astrology chart is a map, plan and blueprint of our “karma” which means “action”. It refers to the actions that we have sown in our past whether in this life time or in previous life’s, this can be positive or negative and follows us possibly in many life times until it is reaped. Just as a calf can find its mother even if its wondered into another herd. This is called the infallible justice and will be metered out to us exactly at the time when it is due. On the other hand the present life is experiences of the past and doings of the present which make it flexible and can be changed by our own free will. This can happen to that individual who is aware of his sufferings or enjoyment as a result of past action and makes amends accordingly. This is the purpose of human life, to look at our defects and remedy them.
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