Monday, 22 April, 2019
The Movement of the Planets and 2014

The Movement of the Planets and 2014

Saturn remains in its long journey through Scorpio.
Both the planet and sign are serious by nature and indicate to us that it is a time for serious stocktaking and trying to consolidate areas where one has gone wrong. Persons and business that are heavily committed financially need to accept this and take the necessary steps to deal with the situation in order to avoid bankruptcy. The year brings in more job losses and creates a further unstable society. Persons are advised to seek bona fide astrological assistance and advice to remedy this situation as your bank manager will not be able to assist you but put you into further debt.
A great deal of focus will be on moral degradation especially with the youth as they become further influenced by drugs and substance abuse, computer games, television, internet and pornography. They will not have the capacity to decipher right from wrong as these vices slowly

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