Monday, 20 January, 2020
Foods that are for your Star
astrology and food

Foods that are for your Star

Can there be astrological predictions of food preferences?

‘Eating under the stars’ may not simply mean something romantic like an alfresco dinner on a beach or an open terrace.
It instead, also brings the cosmos into your dining experience, telling you what you would enjoy as per your sun sign. Hailed as the new trend, ‘astrology dining’ charts out the perfect possibilities for its believers – from choosing the right restaurant, ambience and food – that aim to match your sun sign. Of course, if the food’s bad, don’t blame it on the stars!
How it works?
This kind of astrology is based on personality prediction. On how the stars and planets start to influence a person – the colour they should wear most, what suits their homes and how they like to be served. For instance, Saggis are said to be selfservers and dislike fussy meals.

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